SANDAI Corporation

Company Name Sandai co.,ltd,
Location 858-6, Sudanoki, Omura-shi, Nagasaki, 856-0047, Japan
Established June,1982
President Yukio Yoshino
Capitalization 25 million yen

1.Development and sale of a food ingredient
2.Online shopping of agricultural products, animal products, marine products and processed food
3.Sale of fishery feed mixtures and mixed food
4.Sale of commodity related with environmental conservation
5.Processing and selling of maifan stone



Sandai Co.,Ltd. Food business is focused on “Tea” which is a special product of Nagasaki prefecture, located on the westernmost of Japan.
And is working for development of functional food material which focuses on its functionality.

In recent years, especially in overseas, demand for Japanese tea is increasing.
And functionality of Japanese tea is paid attention to anew.

In western countries, Japanese tea is improved its image as health consciousness food.
Degree of recognition of consumer is also rising.

In our company, we are tackling a new possibility of Japanese tea, especially; we give high priority to development of product (material) which focuses on its functionality.
Particularly, network for cooperation among Research institution on CE-MIX(Loquat leaf mixing fermentation tea) is established:
Nagasaki prefecture, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki prefectural University, Kyusyu University.
Referring to American “Dietary supplement”,
“System for Labeling for functional food” entered into force on April 2015 in Japan as well.
Regarding CE-MIX which has reliable evidence, we are working to develop material intended for functional display. 
Moreover, we are contracting with manufacturer who has high level production skills.
Under the strict production management (traceability), we possess know-how which can stably supply safe, trusted and high quality products.

Apart from that, various agricultural products besides “Tea” are handled,
we make contribution to industry of Tea leaf and agriculture in Nagasaki prefecture.


株式会社サンダイ 食品原料事業

TEL: 0957-54-5150(代表)
FAX: 0957-54-5149